Doctoral School of Psychology invites volunteers for research

Doctoral School of Psychology invites volunteers for research. Everyone can participate!

Doctoral School of Psychology invites volunteers for research

Our doctoral students conduct their interesting and usefull research. For example, Alyona Zirko explores particular qualities of self-expression and self-identification via a voice.
Professor Alexander B. Orlov is her scientific supervisor. They carry out the features of expressing the person's ideas, aspirations, states, moods and experiences with the sounds of the voice, but without using words (!) To continue the research, colleagues need the help of volunteers.

 We invite to cooperation volunteers over 18 years old, who want to experiment with the sounds of their voices. Participants in the study will work in pairs, experimenting with the sounds of their voices and listening to their partner.

Alena Vladislavovna Zirko
Doctoral student

 Each volunteer is offered:

  • visiting from 5 to 10 classes in pairs (for 50-60 minutes); 
  • experimenting with your voice and learn about it something new; 
  • trying out interaction with a partner using voice sounds, but without using words; 
  • filling in the final questionnaires. During the research, an audio recording will be conducted. 

According to the results of the research, it is planned to publish a scientific article in which all the data obtained will be anonymous. The text of the publication will be sent to each participant. If you would like to take part in the study, please write a doctoral student Alena Zirko (