Вакансия для аспирантов в Институте когнитивных нейронаук

Research Assistant Position in MEG Group 

Project title: Dynamic of working memory networks

Deadline: 15 May 2022


Project description

The project aims to establishing the causal relationship between working memory (WM) networks, responsible for verbal and general domains. Consolidated models of working memory separate verbal processing represented in the phonological loop from domain general information residing in the central execu`tive. We target the spectral and temporal dynamics of the synchronization of brain networks involved in processing of verbal and general information. We hypothesize that different dynamical patterns of network synchronization represent different stages of WM processing (storage and manipulation) for verbal and general domains. We plan to analyze how successful performance in verbal WM task and in domain general WM task is reflected in neural oscillations for different workload. The project involves the collection and analysis of neurophysiological data in healthy individuals by MEG and in patients implanted with invasive EEG. We believe that a deeper understanding of specific neural activity involved in WM processing will support the delineation of therapeutic strategies in patient populations.

 Requirements for the candidate

·   Interest in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, signal processing, neurophysiology 

·   Mathematical background to understand algorithmic choices and good programming skills for their implementation (Matlab and Python)

·   Excellent communication and team-working skills, enthusiasm and great commitment to research

·   Fluent English is an obligatory requirement, as research and other activities are conducted in English


The position involves:

·  working under direct supervision of Dr. Tommaso Fedele (Assistant Professor at the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience)

·  conducting neurophysiological recordings in healthy individuals by MEG and in patients implanted with invasive EEG

.  analysis and interpretation of invasive EEG and MEG data (Matlab and Python)

·  writing research papers for international peer-reviewed journals in co-authorship with the members of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

·  participation in the events of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and contribution to the MEG Lab’s  development

·  public presentations of candidate’s own research to the academic community



The position is covered for up to three years.

HSE University offers competitive salary 40000 rubles/month (incl. taxes).

Applications and CV must be submitted to tofedele@hse.ru with e-mail subject "WM project - applicant".

The submission deadline is May 15 2022.