Doctoral School of Psychology

The Doctoral School is offering a doctoral training programme in a wide range of specialties within the field of ‘Psychological Sciences.’ The school’s main priority is to involve doctoral students in promising interdisciplinary research projects in the areas of modern psychology, sociology, economics, linguistics, and neuroscience. Doctoral students will have the opportunity to attend courses and seminars in English and to participate in internships in leading Russian and European university laboratories that collaborate with the Faculty of Psychology.

Open Day for Foreign Candidates

International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology to Look at How Fake News Affects Human Behaviour

Vasily Klucharev, Head of International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology
The mega-grant allocated by the Russian government to the International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology, has been extended for 2022-23. The laboratory was founded two years ago and is headed by Iiro Jaaskelainen, a leading neurobiologist from Finland. Laboratory Head Vasily Klucharev spoke to the HSE News Service about the results the lab has already achieved and the prospects for the next two years.

‘All of the Most Interesting Research Today Happens at the Borders between Different Disciplines’

‘All of the Most Interesting Research Today Happens at the Borders between Different Disciplines’
The Russian Ministry of Education and Science has approved a new nomenclature of specializations in which academic degrees are conferred in Russia. The new list includes 21 new fields, including cognitive science. Maria Falikman, Head of the HSE School of Psychology, discusses the history of cognitive science, its formation at HSE, and its prospects for development.

Open Day for foreign students

‘It Is Very Inspiring When Someone From Outside Approves of What I Am Doing’

‘It Is Very Inspiring When Someone From Outside Approves of What I Am Doing’
Vladislav Khvostov, a second-year student of the Doctoral School of Psychology at HSE University, was recognized with a Graduate Conference Award for Student Members from the Psychonomic Society. Every year a total of 20 graduate students in cognitive psychology receive this prestigious international award in psychology. HSE News Service spoke with Vladislav about the award, his interest in cognitive psychology and research.

HSE Doctoral Graduates Receive Their Certificates

HSE Doctoral Graduates Receive Their Certificates
This year, 117 students graduated from doctoral programmes at the HSE campus in Moscow. On November 1, they received their graduation certificates. Some of them also defended their theses under a new procedure that was introduced at HSE this year, while the others will do this within the next year.

Prize of the competition for the best paper in the special issue of the Russian Psychological Journal

The paper of researcher fellows of the International Laboratory for Sociocultural Research and teachers of the master's program "Applied Social Psychology" Anastasia Batkhina, Dmitry Grigoryev, Dmitrii Dubov and Тomas Jurcik (associate professor of the Department of Psychology HSE) was recognized as the best paper of the special issue of the Russian Psychological Journal by the decision of the Competition Commission. The Russian Psychological Journal is a leading Russian peer-reviewed journal of psychology and an open-access journal established by the Russian Psychological Society.

New Migration Rules for All Foreign Citizens on Account of 2018 FIFA World Cup

From May 25 to July 25 2018 all foreign citizens  must be registered within 72 hours* upon their arrival

International Students Invited to Apply to HSE’s Doctoral Schools

Admissions to tuition-free doctoral studies at HSE open on February 01, 2018. International students can choose from 15 PhD programmes in fields ranging from Mathematics to Art and Design. The programmes are offered at HSE campuses in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Nizhny Novgorod. It is not necessary to speak Russian in order to pursue a PhD at HSE – the thesis can be written in English. Several international students are already pursuing doctoral degrees at HSE and one of them, Keunwon Choi from South Korea, has shared his impressions with us.

The Federal Quota Competition has started

Admission through the Federal Quota Scheme