About us

Doctoral School of Psychology is a community that unites doctoral students, scientific leaders of various departments, centers and laboratories.

We offer PhD programmes in the following fields of study:

  • 19.00.01 - General Psychology, Psychology of the Person, History of Psychology. General area of research: Research in fundamental psychological mechanisms and their origins; human and animal psychology functions; historical and methodological analysis of psychological doctrines, theories and views; research in theoretical and applied methodology; development of new methods in psychological research and applied psychology.
  • 19.00.05 - Social Psychology (Psychological Sciences). General area of research: Study of human behaviour and agency; psychological characteristics of social groups and social movements; methods of social psychological research and its applications.
  • 19.00.02 - Psychophysiology. General area of research: Neurophysiological mechanisms of mental processes, states and behaviour, the relationship between the brain and the mind; neuroimaging methods.

Scientific supervision

Doctoral students are supposed to carry out their research under the scientific supervision of leading scientists.

Research opportunities

Doctoral school of Psychology provides research opportunities for doctoral students. Students collaborates with centers and laboratories of the School of Psychology.